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Cable-Comm Technologies (CCT) Engineered Assembly Division now offers the Molex DVI (Digital Visual Interface) Cable Assemblies and Adapters that comply with new standards for high end video applications as developed and specified by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG).

The DVI product line incorporates the Molex Microcross (TM) DVI Connector System. The Microcross DVI Connector is a versatile product providing both high performance analog or digital interface capability between a computer graphic interface and the display. In addition, the connector system supports Transition Minimized Differential Signaling (TMDS) which is the basis for the DVI standard. Cables

Cable Assemblies
(Custom Cable Assembly Lengths & Configurations Are Available)
Part NumberDescriptionLength
88741-8000DVI to DVI Single Link TMDS Cable Assembly2m
88741-8100DVI to DVI Dual Link TMDS Cable Assembly2m
88741-8200DVI to DVI Analog Cable Assembly2m
88741-8300DVI to VGA Cable Assembly2m
88741-8400DVI to P&D Analog Cable Assembly2m
88741-8500DVI to P&D Digital Cable Assembly2m
88741-8600DVI to DFP Digital Cable Assembly2m
88741-9000DVI-I to DVI-I2m
88741-9600DVI to Captive Single Link TMDS2m
Adapter Assemblies
Part NumberDescription
88741-8700DVI-Analog Plug to VGA Receptacle
88741-8800DVI-Digital Plug to DFP Receptacle
88741-8900DVI-Digital Plug to P&D-Digital Receptacle
88741-9100DVI-I-Analog/Digital Receptacle to VGA Plug
88741-9200DVI-Digital Receptacle to P&D-Digital Plug
88741-9300DVI-Digital Receptacle to DFP Plug
88741-9400DVI-I-Analog/Digital Receptacle to DVI-Digital Plug

In addition to the above standard DVI products, CCT manufactures custom assemblies incorporating the DVI Connector System to your specified connector I-O requirement and desired length. Please call with any custom applications utilizing the DVI Connector System, we can build to your exact specifications.

For more information please E-mail Cathy Gill.

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