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Cable Assemblies

Cables built per drawing and BOM, or reverse engineered from a live sample.

Mechanical Assembly

Consult with Cable-Comm engineering to review specs and discuss overall scope of the project. 

Wire Harnesses

Wire Harnesses, Cut and Prepped wire, kits, kits, bundles, and attachments

Innovation. Precision. Quality.

Cable-Comm custom cable assemblies are sold directly and indirectly into industrial, medical, military, motion control, and data communication applications.  All markets have thier own exacting requirements for consistent and thorough Quality Assurance steps

Quality Assurance starts with the proposal.  Questions and concerns are addressed during the quoting process so proposals.  The production process is careful considered to include Quality Assurance every step of the way.  Once becoming an order, every unique assembly produced will receive a New Product Review.  This meeting covers First Articel, the Traveler Sheet, QA Sheet, Drawing, BOM, and any other specific documentation to guide assembly. Each step has two (2) Quality sign-offs, and ultimately, each assembly is HI-Pot and resistance tested to assure performance as required.

Cable-Comm Warranties all assemblies to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.

Custom Cable Assemblies


Cable-Comm Technologies was founded in 1974.  In the early days, data communications, SCSI and custom cables for industrial applications were the main product lines.  Our business grew to include cables and harnesses for transportation, military, medical, data communications, OEM and other specialty market niches.  Cable-Comm Technologies was purchased in March of 2010.  In the acquisition, Cable-Comm Technologies Pro inherited 10 K-Presses for high speed assembly, hundreds of hand tools and adapters, workstations and benches, and other furnishings.  Today Cable-Comm is poised to grow to the next level, in the existing footprint at our current location.  

We are a woman and minority owned business registered in the State of Illinois.  


About us

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